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There are various types of massages and many wellness terms such as relaxing, classic, medical, sports, aromas, and they are not sure what kind of massage is best for whom and which would be best for them.

In the following text, I will try to briefly explain the various techniques of massages, and what is the massage for what and for whom. In some of the following posts I will deal more with each technique individually and try to explain in more detail each massage, while I will stick to the basics here.

The most common terms used in massages are: medical, sports, relaxing (relaxing), classic and lymphatic drainage. We could also mention anti-cellulite massage, but there is no doubt about it, except for the warning that a non-professional masseur can have serious consequences by performing anti-cellulite massage. If you have ever received bruises from an anti-cellulite massage, then know that the person is unprofessional and run away from it. There are also aroma massages, Thai massages, lymphatic drainage, chocolate massages and others.

With this text I will get to the most common massages that we meet with us, and I will avoid those so-called trendy massages, which because of their "exotic" name cost two or three times more than serious and true techniques, so let's start.